28 Replies to “Valentines Rainy Day in Sepia”

    1. Thank you I think at times like that the camera technology can see better.. I was blind by the heavy wind and rain. Hope you are safe and sound my friend and not on a stranded island.

    1. Romantic.. I nearly got drowned in it… OK just got soaked but I love the rain… everything else can be replacable. It is beautiful scene and I am sure will be one of my future subjects. Hope you had a good one yourself too x

  1. OK, a great image. Now you have to try your hand at a watercolor with this image as your model. I’m sure you could do better than the camera!

  2. They make for nice images, but again it is not very nice for you. When the rain will stop is anyone’s guess. I hope it is very soon.

    1. the bad storm is over and we do get the glimpse of the sun here and there but for some reason they don’t get fixed.. Thank you hope you had a good day.

        1. Why did you not call me earlier I’ll switch it off.. You keep hopping so quick from one place to another that I can’t follow you.. ­čÖé

    1. No we have double glazing windows.. mind you recently I did few times you just have to run to the car and you get soaked! I don’t mine the rain but at the moment i feel for all those who suffered as we had too much of it.

    1. I wish that also.. it is beautiful in the picture but not so nice on the news. I also wish them all to be safe thank you for your sincere thoughts x

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