Valentines Rain

To all my friends and visitors here, I know I spend less time here due to my health but it will never stop my brush painting quick paintings and checking you are all OK.. I painted my first Valentines Rainy day version. Look after yourself where ever you are rain or sun. I always think about you all and appreciate your company have a great weekend all.

Valentine's rain

44 Replies to “Valentines Rain”

  1. Sorry to hear that you are not doing well.
    Take it easy.

    And – thank you for still making your way to the WP to share your art! 🙂

    1. Thank you my great friend, it is mutual. I listen at the background to Karl Jenkins: The Armed Man (‘Mass for Peace’) and it is all for you and my super friends here that keeping their eye for me. I just feel privilege enjoy and have a good weekend xxx

    1. I do, but it is great having you around. I am not worried about you but enjoy the company and it’s always help! Have a good weekend 🙂

  2. Thank you Doron, Happy Belated Valentines Day to you and wishing you feel better real soon, it’s lonely without one of your lovely paintings brightening our day. Have a wonderful weekend and hope there is a good amount of sun to warm you body and soul.

    1. Thank you very much Mary. I miss you also especially looking each day forward to see your orangy red flower icon smiling at me from the screen. Of-course waiting anxious to see what master piece Mary did for the day, but I am around the corner 🙂

    1. Jenny thank you so much I’ll drop drip few in, sorry I don’t do as good as our rain outside.. shhhhhh it is sunny at the moment… Have a great weekend x

  3. Hi Doron! I hope you are going to get well soon! True that you are missed here around! Btw I choose the sun 😉 even if I’m used to rain eheehhe take good care!

    1. Thanks Maria I miss you and everybody here too doing my best to improve and enjoy your sun. No doubt everytime I am little better I’ll be here. xx

    1. Denise thank you so much I struggle but always love coming back to nice people like yourself that care and many who visit here. xx

  4. It’s raining but the sun’s out, so it’s halfway there to better weather.

    I hope you can find some relief for your problem, Doron.

          1. Okay, we’ll keep our gold medals. They are very special to us. Perhaps Winky can sell some extra chocolates to help you.

          2. No please don’t sell a thing.. just being here make me ten times better every day! Haa now you mentioned Choclate.. yeh that something I could do with.. Sorry must rush to the fridge..

  5. Yes, Doron, it’s a real miss when your paintings don’t appear so often, they give great delight, and reading your posts is a pleasure. Warmest good wishes. Feel much better soon. And keep posting your lovely quick paintings when you can manage to produce them, they cheer one’s heart, as do your messages. x

    1. Cara thank goodness I have few I did early here in waiting so I put them on, lately I hardly in shape to paint but will do every spare second that I feel better. Take care and thanks xx

    1. Snap Violet I also late around.. feeling little better and straight rush to see my friends here.. Thank for being here and any time is good

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