One Tree

a draft I kept for a while… as I had to stop MOPS in recent weeks..

MOPS is back and what a great day we had… When I started painting the tree I had to stand right beside it and it seemed as if it was the only tree around.. by the time I finished there was a complete forest around us. Visit our MOPS blog and enjoy some great photos also, but meantime enjoy the ‘One Tree’

one tree story

One tree

22 Replies to “One Tree”

  1. That tree has a lot of personality! And so does you painting. It’s like one of those Disney trees that you expect to become alive.

    1. woo.. tried to do a tree trick.. did not work.. I’ll practice.. Binky had to paint quick some flowers for my wife earlier today as it is her birthday tomorrow.. could not get out to get a card.. so what better one then own hand made one.. I knew you will be around so I put the kettle on and come to say hello quick.. see you soon.

      1. Those flowers you painted for her are really nice, and I’m sure your wife will appreciate very much. Much better than a store bought card.
        I’ll bring some chocolates and scones!

  2. A very fine tree Doron weathered some storms I ‘ll be bound … maybe an allegory here perhaps …
    Happy Birthday Day to Mrs Doron 🙂

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