32 Replies to “Red rings”

    1. Maria… spacesaver.. I am sure I out four but you are right hard to see them… I’ll have to improve taking clearer photos. Thanks for making the effort to spot thise rings anyhow 🙂

    1. Thankd Deb just like me… I try all sort to keep me going each time I can and it make me smile. Thanks for being here for me. Just had coffee with you know what… xx

    1. Try again I expect better from you.. I think I’ll have to invite your parents once again to school to see me… your maths getting worse by the minute while your blog is full of humour I am not surprise why.. Thanks my dear friend hope you are well..Don’t worry you don’t need to bring anyone with you tomorrow as we closed the school.. 🙂

    1. Sorry puting you through the torturing but there is always spacesaver.. OK I am going to learn how to take better picture.. but three is always better than two.. You doing well. Thanks for trying Denise have a great day x

    1. Thank goddness someone spot them all.. not surprise you magician artist.. 4 out of four.. I nearly booked a photography course, you save me, I’ll buy more paints instead x

    1. I knew I should not coat them in your chocolate… don’t tell anyone they are made of pure gold.. I am going to check the security video..

  1. Such an interesting piece Doron. I definitely see three, but possibly four down in the lower-right corner. Nice to see you painting again.

    1. Mary thank you very much.. I could not give it up even little by little it is great to be able to do some and it give me a break from nasty pains. hope you are well thanks for being here xx

  2. There must be something wrong with me, I only see three. I think you set your vodka glass on the painting accidentally! That would be at least 3 or 4 glasses of vodka, which explains how you have become so accomplished at abstract. Hmmm….perhaps I will try this technique!

    1. I am surprise you just noticed.. Not alone! this technique is used by experts don’t try it at home.. But if you do make sure to let the ice melt first.. or use an ice instructor…No doubt it will improve your ice skating too.

          1. I did not say stilts logs.. just something for balance.. you probably don’t deal with those little sticks…

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