Red rings

Four red rings… check how many do you see?

Four red rings


32 thoughts on “Red rings

    • Thankd Deb just like me… I try all sort to keep me going each time I can and it make me smile. Thanks for being here for me. Just had coffee with you know what… xx

    • Try again I expect better from you.. I think I’ll have to invite your parents once again to school to see me… your maths getting worse by the minute while your blog is full of humour I am not surprise why.. Thanks my dear friend hope you are well..Don’t worry you don’t need to bring anyone with you tomorrow as we closed the school.. 🙂

    • Sorry puting you through the torturing but there is always spacesaver.. OK I am going to learn how to take better picture.. but three is always better than two.. You doing well. Thanks for trying Denise have a great day x

    • Thank goddness someone spot them all.. not surprise you magician artist.. 4 out of four.. I nearly booked a photography course, you save me, I’ll buy more paints instead x

  1. Such an interesting piece Doron. I definitely see three, but possibly four down in the lower-right corner. Nice to see you painting again.

    • Mary thank you very much.. I could not give it up even little by little it is great to be able to do some and it give me a break from nasty pains. hope you are well thanks for being here xx

  2. There must be something wrong with me, I only see three. I think you set your vodka glass on the painting accidentally! That would be at least 3 or 4 glasses of vodka, which explains how you have become so accomplished at abstract. Hmmm….perhaps I will try this technique!

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