The view outside

One I made earlier.. now we are in spring time.. Glade someone in wordpress arranged that publish later.. I can put the post for when ever.. Mind you I could not show you rainy paintings in mid summer.. spring is OK as it is either here or there. If I catch that guy who invented chronic pains.. I am going to make sure he lives in winter time all year round..

It start raining here around Christmas and it seems as if someone forgot where was the tap so they can cut it off… that was the view from the patio door few weeks ago..

Patio flodded

While visiting I made few more sketches so i thought I should add them here;

Wine Roses

Car Park View

Up the Hill

26 Replies to “The view outside”

  1. Despite all the rain you got over the winter, it does look as if you’re having a nice spring now. The view from the patio door is very picturesque.
    I hope you’ve been feeling better lately.

    1. I persevere and try to catch every second to see my good friends here. A minute ago it was raining but back to full sunshine.. it is a proper spring and make everyone around smiling! Hope you got warmer too and looking forward to a great weekend, enjoy.

    1. Thank you very much Mary at the moment I try to do small thing and quick while the good time last and keep me going. Looking outside is the easiest thing I can do. Take care my friend x

  2. Such a light touch with your watercolours here Doron ! I really like the view across the sunny yellow fields … before we know it we’ll be looking at buttercup meadows once more 🙂
    Hope you can fend off Mr CP and have a lovely weekend x

    1. Poppy thank you very much, the view is amazing and I love meadows. The nature and all the life in and around them.. what a wonderful world xxx

    1. Elena thank you very much… it rains little and often we see the sun so I guess I’ll have to use the yellow more often now as the green will turn off… 🙂

    1. Hi Susan good to see you I am not that good but I am around. Hope you are well yourself and had a good holiday, see you around 🙂

  3. You have captured each view perfectly
    Doron and you even have a selection of
    fine wines it sample during painting 🙂

    Have a great day today and keep painting…


    1. I’ll raise a glass my dear friend for your officiel visit. Andro my friend it is pleasure to see you marking my red carpet and thank you very much 🙂

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