You read the name you wonder what is all about.. some time ago I painted this painting… I called it ‘Through the Net’

Through the net

It stood here for a short while but I was not sure about it and the first idea was to start again… I nearly wipe it all off.. but in the process I just found that it actually improved or was it???…

Vandalism fracture

OK that is all the picture otherwise you wonder why I called it Vandalism..


All I know is forget the view.. but if I catch this geezer that smashed that beautiful shed.. he/she will be in real trouble.. Hope you are all on the case….

20 Replies to “Vandalism…”

        1. Looking at you up here in the top left corner.. I would not guess.. no you don’t.. you are woman of peace, you don’t harm your papers.. :-}

    1. No they don’t it is the others.. but someone did the shed.. hence the great view… peace versus vandalism… chocolate versus wine gums… I’ll have both.

    1. Thanks Denis… just poped over to enjoy the biscuits… they must have smell great and taste even better.. You are not the first to tell me you liked it before also.. I have to do a series next time…

    1. Thanks mate for visiting me and consider me I don’t do awards here but enjoy your company so thank you for stopping by. I do apologise but see you around 🙂

    1. Mary Thank you very much I appreciate your comment I felt something was missing and wonder if I was doing right for keep going instead of trying it on another painting. Mind you I was quite pleased with the result at the end to your comment gives me some encouragement, thank you.

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