22 Replies to “Red”

  1. Is this what’s left after the Zombies go through? Looks like a read head and shoulders trying to get out of that first one.

    1. Thanks that give me more courage.. I think it suit my ‘quick and expressive’ nature.. when I do something with lines I can hear the clock ticking.. Thanks and have a good weekend x

    2. I think you should change the name from TheCrazyBagLady to TheBusyBag Lady!!! I close my eyes and you have massive great work appearing here.. 🙂

    1. Jane thank you very much I always liked the worrier fiery colours so maybe it was displayed for a reason although was not planned. Have a super weekend my dear friend x

    1. Linda great to see you I am alive and kicking.. sort off. It is all in progress and I am working on it step by step. Sorry i don’t visit often and if I do I am only short time around. But Hopefully it will increase. Hope you are doing good and I love the smile from the icon in the top corner. I miss you also and thank goodness I can put some paintings on delay publishing so something is around. I had rough time but found some new direction hope it is going to help me. Don’t worry I am sturbone will never give up that easy.. keep smiling I am around xxx I am coming over to see what I recently missed….

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