Always love the water colours work of Fabio Cembranelli. I saw his masterclass article on Tropical Fruits in the artist & illustrators and loved the colours. You will have to forgive me Fabio I am lazy to follow stage by stage and like to paint fast without going to details and colours I never poses. I look on the main or final painting you painted and I use what available on my palette and hope it is not that far. OK I am sure I have to do ‘a few more paintings’  or ‘a few many more’ before I do a proper Fabio.. but I am working on it, remember I did say it is a journey and it is great to get inspired from your work anyday.

Avocados too

24 Replies to “Avocados”

    1. Thank you very much you always welcome to join me for avocados feast.. Have a great weekend I have no doubt that in your part of the world the fruits are amazing 🙂

  1. I don’t know Fabio but I think this pic looks good. Don’t feel bad about not following the procedure, remember they’re just guidelines. Be yourself and paint however you feel. 😉

    1. Lisa Thanks, I am always doing my own things anyhow unfortunately because some time there is room to learn from others.. I only wanted to give him his credit he deserves and please check him on he is a great artist in my view. I often too lazy and quick artist.. So when I read how artists sit for weeks and month doing the same paintings I admire them. I know I can also paint over long persiod and slow if I want details as I tried it before, however for me it have to be expressive and spontaneues. I agree with you, you just paint what you feel is you! Thank you very much for taking time to visit me and comment it is well appreciated. Have a super weekend 🙂

    1. You know me Poppy.. 5 a day is my motto! they said the other day it should be 7 a day… soon we will need to stretch and find extra hours in the day to feed our health habits.. haa you meant my palette.. and I start lecture you about life.. I was carried away.. Hope you are good and ready for a nice weekend x

    1. You just sit.. waiting here… I am just going to try your recipes.. if it is like your sense of humour my friend.. I know I am for a treat!!! Have a great weekend.. I am in the kitchen busy performing the Carl black magic…

  2. Inspiration in any discipline offers something to work towards,
    whether it is painting, drawing, sculpturing or the many different
    aspects of art. Your efforts are nicely offered Doron and with
    practice there is only one way to go and that is forward. Keep
    adding to your artistry my friend and enjoy the whole journey.


    1. Andro my friend thanks for your good words.. walking with great master friends like yourself no doubt will make a great joy and a short journey will turn a great walk in the park. I still have one foot behind at your chateau…. I am amazed from your skill and it is great encouragement and inspiration as practice can make you better.. Thanks and have a great weekend Doron

  3. Lovely, soft still life – I like your creativity Doron and the attitude of just going for it. Always a work of art!

    1. Mary thank you very much.. I can only try and if i don’t you never know.. I often look at my work and I see so much subjects and so much different ideas and medium.. I yet to find my language but I start have a feel for what I want to do one day when I get older… Have a good weekend.

  4. That’s a very nice still life, Doron. I quite like your background, too. (The links don’t seem to be working, however.)

    1. Hi Binky I have landed in the land of the avocados I can’t find which links I have small tablet and it is hard to work with it. Thanks for mentioning… I am exhausted after a long day so I’ll be back next week take care

    1. Jane I am visiting the holy land my home and everything is inspiration I often see and reminded of several interesting places and words you mentioned often. Thank you it is always pleasure to have you around my journey. Thanks for your friendship.

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