Blazing Hot

I have few painting which I did earlier, while I am not at my best I put them on, so enjoy… Apology if I don’t reply quickly to your comments… but I will alway do when I return thanks for visiting and stopping by which is well appreciated… Enjoy.

This one was painted and blocked some time ago and it set in a state of not sure around for a while. The other day I thought it should get extra paint and it should receive and overhaul  with some colour to lift it up… Hope it gave it little more justice..

Blazing Hot

38 Replies to “Blazing Hot”

    1. Lisa thank you very much.. I’ll settle for Doron.. Kind comment I’ll have to check how i managed to mix them all. 🙂 thanks for stopping by and comment.

      1. Oh I understand, I can’t draw a horse grazing in the field for anything! LOL, you used your imagination – that’s the best. How are you? It has been a while since you’ve been around.

        1. Not a good month in my book but I work on it. Thank you. You can’t do something on a canvass…. I yet to believe it! I often say if we want to do something we will do it.. small practice and it is done. I am sorry not visiting regular but I find it hard to sit up at times specially on a chair infront of the computer… I even paint standing up when I can. I am working with the hospital and hope to get some new direction how to deal with things. Hope you are good.

          1. Hi Doron, so sorry to read that you are having a hard time these days – I hope that the hospital is able to help. Don’t feel pressured to visit my blog, I understand it’s a struggle for you so when you feel up to it, the blog will be there. I hope whenever you do paint that it gives you the freedom of pain and joy of creating. Take care ~ we are all thinking of you and wishing you the best.

          2. Mary thank you very much for your kind words. I do visit when I only can and trust me it give me great pleasure to see your great work and my other friends here also. It is always give me an uplift and pride to be part of such talented and amazing caring group. There is little thing in our life that some time we take for granted and we should not. Thank you so much for being here like many others and it is great you share your beautiful work which is my great privilege to be part off. XXX

  1. I think those horses want to break out of there. They look restless! I like the texture in the ground and the sun behind the trees.

  2. A wonderful sense of mystery – and how private they are with the trees, and they seem to explode like a spring, and is it day or night? Who knows? I like this one very much.

    1. Jane thank you very much… I had to add some fantasy so there will be some sense with the light at the background as it was few minutes before sunset… and with few more trees you could imagine night time.

  3. A gathering of spirits … a ceremony in the woods … lovely imaginative stuff Doron.
    Am sorry to hear it’s not been such a good month for you … sending a Poppytump special XfeelbettersoonerthansoonerhugX

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