Israel 2014
I had few requests to add some pictures from my trip to Israel. As you can guess I had several highlights and no doubt some of the pictures will tell a story or two. I am sure I’ll mention some in the future as I met some great people. However, I had a special story which I would like to mention as it is very much to do with art.
On my flight to Tel Aviv I sketched for a while to pass some time (4 ½ hours), highly recommend it. Across the aisle I saw a lady showing some paintings to her colleague and I was sure she was watching me sketching too. I looked at the paintings on her laptop screen and after a short time I could not resist so I asked her who those abstract paintings belong too and who was the artist? The lady said it was herself  and we engaged in a conversation about her work and what she does, I introduced my story and love of painting. I will not mention the lady’s name here just in case she does not want me to do so. As it happened she was a Palestinian and she told me how she started painting some 10 years ago in college, funnily enough with the fellow who she met on the flight. She also told me that she runs some workshops and teaches children to paint in few places in the West Bank. I was very impressed and thought what a great idea it was and I was very proud to hear her story. I immediately suggested that if there was anything I could do to support such a great activity and keep the children away from trouble. If we can teach more children to use brushes and paints instead of throwing stones surely we need to encourage and support it. As you know I am not interested in politics and hope not to receive any comments here also. I hope that this great lady will write back to me as we discussed. I am sure we can try to help her and the children in the group to learn to paint by any means. I also believe that as artists we have a role to make it a better world and it would be hard to find a greater example than this. I am sure many more here, who read this can also help, as no doubt it will make a better place for children on either side and for us all.

In the mean time enjoy some of the pictures and I’ll add a post with some of the sketches soon. Hope you will also enjoy my trip, the smells and the colours of the places and hopefully one day it will be a shrine not for only amazing holy spiritual places but with a true peace. As many would say…. Inshallah

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  1. Wow! That looks like you had a wonderful vacation. I can’t wait to see the paintings that come from your travel inspirations.

    1. Linda thank you very much I am sure there will be some. I have painted while travelling but more sketching. Thanks for stopping by loved the avocado story as I tried it but did not work.. mind you what would in the weather we have here? great jewelry and beautiful colours.

  2. My goodness Doron everything here from celebrations, to foodie delights , to the SEA … aaah and so much more .
    What a fantastic trip and interesting meeting with the lady Artist.. Those sketches I’ll look forward to !

    1. If only I had that skills you working on.. I could dim the lights and beam the sun… actually no need that sun was too strong for me.. check on the map.. few centimeters to the right people sitting on the beach come back few back.. we sit in semi dark.. never mind I prefer it cooler.. Waiting for your photography book… WHSmith told me the other day.. they had many people asking about it… to be continue… 🙂 x

  3. A very special offering, dear Doron … Many thank yous. I can certainly spare supplies for this lady’s heart-work. Please keep me in mind as things progress, k? I have much in the way of paints, brushes, etc. for kids. xxx

    1. Linda that is very kind, I know we are both from the other side of the fence but I hope she will return and we can make those children smile. I always count on you dear friend wish we had more of you around us as it is great 🙂 🙂 XxX

    1. Thank you Jenny I hope it will work too. You are not going yet on another holiday… that invigilator money must be good I mean very good… have fun 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing your photos and of your experience meeting the other artist on your flight to Tel Aviv. Sounds like you made a great connection, and she is inspiring to teach workshops and teach children to paint. To introduce kids to painting and express a love of art is wonderful indeed.

  5. Lovely post, Doron – the sentiments, and that wide range of images, some so modern, some looking almost biblical. Two of the books I have illustrated have been published in Israel, to work in educational projects among Palestinians. One of the writers of the stories is Jewish. It meant a lot to him to meet the translator and publisher, to be welcomed into his home. I agree with you that these bridges between people, and this good will, is so important. Look forward to seeing more of your paintings and reading more of your posts. x

    1. Cara love your story too. I always say that among us the simple people peace could take place before. We would never fight with each other if it was up to us, unfortunately that is out of our reach… and ashame that we don’t manage to isolate those evil few, but I am sure it will happen one day too as the world wake up and move forward. Have a great bank holiday xxx

  6. Those were some really nice pictures of your trip, Doron. I felt like I was there! So many different sights and scenes. I’m glad you had the opportunity to go, even if you haven’t been feeling all that well. And peace in the middle east would be a blessing for us all.

  7. Those are some awesome pictures for you rtip, Doron. I feel like I was right there with you. There’s so much to do there! Such a beautiful place! 🙂

    1. Deb, that is great I only wish some time I could load a plane with so many friends to share this beautiful place with….(You will be the captain… OK next to Fraz) so sharing few photos was the least I could do… and glade others could see little on this beautiful place. Glade you enjoyed it also xxx

    1. Another great story about it as it was made by a friend’s wife of my brother which is a Palestinian who said we can’t live in peace in this world?? 🙂 thank you x

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