Lullingstone Country Park

Our outdoors group MOPS last Tuesday… Enjoy


Lullingstone Park in Darenth Valley, drawn us once again for an outdoor painting day. The early clouds casting cold shadows on the area are soon dispersed and the warm sun took command. Earlier I cursed that I walked all the way up the hill without my jacket which I left in the car, but after a short while I changed my mind as the sun stroked me gently and jacket turned out to be the last item on my mind and could easily be another unnecessary item to carry.  However, it does teach you that you should be prepared for all eventualities when ‘En Plein Air’, especially if you are living in this part of the world.

Again we were a big group as the MOPS is turning out to be a very popular activity for all our art lovers. We all spread out as there was so many subjects to…

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8 Replies to “Lullingstone Country Park”

  1. That’s a very nice park with all the different areas and views to paint. I especially like the castle as we don’t have any real ones around here.

      1. Well we do have some of those. And some houses built to look like castles. But only a few that you could really call a castle, one of them being Casa Loma in Toronto.

  2. Lovely painting spot en plein air Doron .. in the wildflower meadow amid all those ox-eye daisies … a lovely view you painted looking up the hillside .
    I’m sure we must have visited years ago … but I remember more clearly nearby Eynsford .. enjoying picnics on the bankside near the bridge while DD paddled safely collecting little treasures from the shallow waters of the Darent running through the village… happy days ..

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