Windy day

Fighting with the wind blowing everything at Haysden Country Park (Don’t believe me… it is a beautiful day and red sky… just not being here often I find I have many paintings on hold so must share… so excuse my wrong season… and time) Just enjoy another view… actually it is great to look on a painting from a windy day on a beautiful day…. feel like walking to nice warm gallery.. ashamed about the artist that had to experience such weather…)

The view from a small bridge

Bridge on a windy day

29 Replies to “Windy day”

  1. A good artist always suffers for his art.
    I think I’d like to take a stroll through that tunnel. It looks like a very nice area.

  2. That top image. I really like it. I think I’ve dreamed that place and tried to get to that building in the background. That tree in the foreground with the one branch reaching forward is like beckoning. Hauntingly wonderful Doron.

    1. Thank you very much, Leslie it was so windy I could not put the details and actually it teached me a lesson to put less which some time I need to think about. beside the colours got dry very quick like in a summer day. great experience.

  3. Both are beautiful!!! My favorite one is the second one!!! I love how you made the tunnels depth.Thank You liking my Painting!! ๐Ÿ™‚ *Cynthia

  4. That’s the trouble when painting outside in windy weather,
    luckily you were able to complete this one Doron, so well
    done for persevering, it looks great ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Andro thank you luckily I have big B….. ricks in my pockets… and by the way the trick you thaught me with sticky chocolate on my shoes does work.. hurrican could not move me, great to see you around my friend. I love it when you leave me a comment it open me the doors to your blog without finger print and it is feeling great freedom to visit your kingdom:-)

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