Karen’s garden

MOPS Tuesday outing…


Karen's Alley

No doubt when you enter such a beautiful alley you are entering paradise… And it is true… today we visited our great friend Karen who invited us to paint in her garden. I could easily paint there forever as everything you would dream of was there. An ‘en plein’ air painter’s paradise!

We had such a great time that even ’Mr. Weather’ got the message and the light rain stopped to allow us to enjoy the day. ‘Mr. Sun’ must have been busy as he turned just before we left home, that did not stop us enjoying our day (did mess the painting picture-taking though).

The picnic was special as Karen is well-known for her great fresh cakes..today it was a nice Victoria sponge. Unfortunately by the time I came back with the camera it was all gone…

IMG_6223 tn

Thank you Karen and Mark for letting us go wild in your…

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18 Replies to “Karen’s garden”

  1. That’s a very beautiful place to paint. So warm and inviting. Your painting turned out very nice as well. I can feel the spring warmth. Like you said, it would be a nice place to stay and paint forever.

  2. Your painting is gorgeous, Doron, and I would love to stroll down that alley. Such beautiful countryside, too, but it’s too bad you missed the cake! 🙂 Have a great Wednesday!

    1. Lauren thank you… I got reinstated later.. It is a superb garden of a great friend and we had a super day, looking forward for next time…:-)

  3. Hello Doron, what a beautiful place to go painting. I noticed that since I got back from my trip, many of your postings are not loading into my reader. So I un-followed and have re-followed hopefully this will correct. Your painting captures the lovely pathway – very soothing, I do like your knife work.

    1. Mary thank you. Just come back of a tour from your blog… I left you for few days and you created a huge amazing forest out there.. As always loved it and each tree individually. It is always a pleasure to come back and visit you. 🙂

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