Chipstead Lake

MOPS are out to Chipstead


Chipstead 2014 tn

This time Chipstead is smiling and the sun shining, what a different from one week to another. Although it was very windy yet it was very warm too. Every so often somebody else easel blown out of balance and another painting received the send treatment from mother earth. Weather made no different to anyone as most of the gang turned out for a good day painting and even the guys who exhibiting in the SEOS managed to get few hours off. After all it should have increased their stock with another master piece and another chance for a red dot.

Everybody were eager to go, while Danny continue to tell us about his recent French painting adventure.. He carried a big suspicious trolley and I am sure he had some extra Camembert for sale, which he probably did not declared…

Everybody spread around and position were taken, as we each…

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24 Replies to “Chipstead Lake”

  1. I really like your painting, Doron. It’s very tranquil and relaxing. The scenery there is very nice. It must be a great place to go to do some painting.

    1. Jane thank you very much it is amazing what a short break by painting can do for me, it is ashamed I have to deal with the big reality after but hey that is a great bonus I coud not do without… we love in a beautiful lovely world.

    1. Violet thank you very much hope one day you visit me and I’ll be able to show you and the family those beautiful places. Have a super weekend xxx

      1. Thank you so much dear Doron and I really wish to visit your place one day!
        Be sure that I will contact you😃
        It is long time I haven’t visited England and will do it definitely❤️

  2. Wow what a gorgeous day you had – you really captured the spot so well. I can just imagine how wonderful it felt to be outside painting again.

    1. Thanks Mary it was amazing and even I find it hard at times it is something I would never give up… Nature, Me, My friends and a brush and canvas do we really need anything else…? 🙂

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