22 Replies to “In Gods Hands”

    1. Carl, I go all the way to your site check whats new while you are laying here on my gold eggs… If only I knew the formula… I’ll share it with 90:10 ha ha good weekend my friend 🙂

    1. I thought your comments multiply like my eggs when I saw two… but getting used to you… I assumed it is a deal open one get the second free… Actually would not mind to have you plastering my page… I like your present and it make me smile 🙂 Saw you have a Facebook page I’ll log on shortly and make sure to push the hardest working button in the world ‘Like’

  1. Happy to see you paint again – beautiful use of colors to show the brilliance of the stones. And then there was man, we just can’t seem to get out of our own way – shame on us. Perfect Doron!

    1. How true Mary… but if all wo/men came as Mary problem solved. I never stopped painting even for half hour or when I am horizontal… Thank goodness i paint quick too. Excuse my absent but I always come to check your special work. have a great weekend x

    1. Thank you Poppy, I am around in minutes and bits every time I can and always checking what you are up to my friend when I can, thanks for your support x

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