Inside Out

MOPS day out pots and ornaments


This week we ventured to East Sussex,  which is a fair distance from our usual painting locations in Kent.
We had a special invitation from Rita who owns ‘The Inside Out Ornaments’ business in Wallcrouch. Rita is an artist herself and has some great paintings displayed in her studio which is part of the business. Joe our member, met this charming lady accidentally while lost in the area few weeks ago and after a short talk she invite us all to paint in her gardens.
We arrived at this pleasant garden and were amazed at the pots, statues and ornaments, scattered around and displayed. Each one could be a special subject for a painting.

We settled in, and each chose their favourite subject for the day… some even managed to do more than one painting. It was great, painting and very relaxing, listening to the water flowing out of the…

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16 Replies to “Inside Out”

  1. You certainly find some nice places to visit. There’s an unlimited number of subjects to paint. I liked your painting of the statue ring structure (I don’t know what it’s called), which is on your other site.

    1. Don’t be jealous when you come around i’ll show you all those beautiful places and you can splash paints as we do and enjoy yourself too. Thank you very much I must finish mine as Talking never let you do. I am the guy on the camera.. yes the one that take the photos and never get a place in them…. ha ha. Have a great weekend my friend xXxX

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