Stone Street

Our Tuesday’s MOPS outing to Stone Street


Last Tuesday we visited Stone Street near Sevenoaks, unfortunately I forgot my camera so no pictures to show from this beautiful village but make sure to google it and enjoy (Actually my recent pictures from the Snail will be suitable here, but I am sure we will return one day soon…). We had many artists on site and as it is next to our friend Graham in ‘The Snail Pub’, our picnic turned for lunch at the pub. We had great friends of the groups visiting us and although they are normally don’t join us painting due to other commitments, they had lunch with us. After all who is going to refuse a good lunch at the Snail with Michael the chef?


I am still waiting for pictures from the group, but meantime as I always do, I put mine on.

Looking out the Snail tn

Next week we are at Dean Forest so come…

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26 Replies to “Stone Street”

  1. It looks like a very nice place to eat. Well, assuming they have a chocolatier on staff.

    That’s a nice view out the window you painted.

        1. I think it is time that they should rate places like that by small chocolate.. 5/4/3/2/1… If they don’t have their chocolates stars it is a waste of time to pop in..

          1. You are always welcome my dear friend glade to see you are back to business 🙂 Thanks for all the good comments all around I am blushing red 🙂

    1. Thank you very much. I some time surprise by the subject that atract me to paint it. I find that I like a challange and each time I feel I can do it even better. I think that with time and with more practice I enjoy more complicated subjects, Ok not always. Beside I like the view from the window the moment I saw it but since start painting everything look so much different and I like so many subjects I see as potential paintings. I can also translate what I paint in so many ways.. and it is amazing to see what others people see in the painting. Thanks Leslie just coming back from your Blog reading your last interesting post.

    1. It is a strange story.. we had some fish and chips… but everybody finished their food and gone.. while me and my friend were sitting like good people waiting… They put a new till so it swallowed our order.. I could easily sit there until now.. It did arrive eventually and was great.. mind you by that time I was starving.. 🙂

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