Dean Forest

Tuesday with the MOPS. I did not stop painting as I reblog MOPS posts once a week only, I have few more paintings and some getting old so I must publish them on very soon. I’ll use the schedule shortly… mean time enjoy our day out to Dean Forest


Dean Forest, a dog walker’s heaven! Nice cool morning and we all met in Dean Forest near Tonbridge for a relax painting day in the woods. We wanted to paint the changes of light in the forest, but it was too cloudy to do so and not enough light. Instead we set outside the forest and enjoyed the rays of sun when they hit our backs. It is a pleasant place if you want to have a stretch, but remember, there are more dogs around than people…

You see I told you…

We as usual scattered around and each found the best spot to pain… some even got lost in the forest…

After an hour plus,  we all stopped to present our masterpieces and there was some great work to see..

IMG_6502 tn

IMG_6500 tn

Dean Forest Walk tn

Dean Forest Abstract tn

The sun came out and it was time for a good picnic, if only I had my sun bed…

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12 Replies to “Dean Forest”

  1. Those are some very nice paintings. It’s nice to be able to be inspired by the landscape and natural environment around you.

    1. There is nothing better then outdoors painting followed by a small picnic and great chat with your friends in the middle of the forest 🙂

  2. All paintings turned out lovely, Doron, and it looks like a beautiful place to spend some time, too. Fun times for all the dogs, as well! Have a wonderful weekend!

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