Mix fruit

Happy independence day to all my American friends here and I did not forget you Canadian friends, I am sure you had a happy Canadian day.. It is great fun if we opened the calendar we could celebrate every day of our life someone else day… So happy Every day to you all… just like a mix fruit on a sunny day!

Mix fruit for a good happy day to you all..

Pineapple mix

Practice painting based on one I saw recently… I can not remember even where… Those tablets I would not recommend them to anyone… The only thing I remember is it is for a ‘Happy Day’

26 Replies to “Mix fruit”

  1. What a mouthwatering mix for a Happy Friday … well … every day really Doron !
    Love that pineapple texture .
    Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  2. Celebrating every day with chocolate cake is a Wombie tradition. We wouldn’t want anyone’s group or country or special occasion to be left out.

    I really like your fruit mix. You’ve got some nice textures on the orange an pineapple.

  3. Love your mixed fruit painting! The pineapple looks yummy. Thanks for the 4th of July wishes. 🙂

    1. Jess thank you very much I love the colours and someone mention that they look like gouache, so i might to get some. Good weekend 🙂

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