Herb Tea For Doron!

My greatest friend Violet made some herb tea and I think I need it very much now. Thank you Violet hopefuly you will find some herbs that can help me also. Thank you for your great support and hope that one day we will have a tea together with your family here ❤ Please visit Violet Blog I am sure you will enjoy her work too. By the way the tigress that will face you, is Malus, Violet body guard.

Violet Gallery

Hi everyone!
Today Violet is sending a special herb tea with scones to Doron ( great artist : https://doronart.wordpress.com ) , one of Violet’s friend in WordPress. Recently he cannot drink his favorite dark coffee because of some reasons and Violet thought maybe a cup of herb tea ( from her little garden) would be great😁
Hope you get better dear Doron😃
And also she wish she could arrange this herb tea gathering with all you dear friends too😃


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14 Replies to “Herb Tea For Doron!”

    1. Jenny thanks, I do sneak in one cup a day.. no point to get to the finish line and find you missed the good thing.. It is a long race and with all the lovely friend around we shall win 🙂 Violet is a great soul x

  1. Thank you so much dear Doron for reblogging this post❤️❤️❤️
    I really appreciate❤️❤️❤️hope we could have a tea time one day, with Poppy and Marina too😃❤️

  2. That looks so nice, I’m not sure I could eat/drink it. Though I’m not sure I could resist, either.
    I wonder if Malus could be bribed with a wind gum or tow?

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