Ensfield Rd

MOPS outdoor’s painting at Ensfield Rd.


Great to be out in the fresh air again, but we must rush as the forecast is heavy showers. This week we painted on the Medway River off Ensfield Rd. A spot we like to come back too again and again as there is so much on offer there for our outdoors painting.

And the nicest of it all is that there were so many of us old and new faces that make it a great day out. I am glade we chose this location as we have so many friends attending our meetings each week that we need a bigger space to accomodate us all and a better variety of subject to paint to suit everybody taste.

And the great paintings are quickly displayed on show,

And it is not going to be a good meeting now a day if we can not end it with our traditional picnicโ€ฆ

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8 Replies to “Ensfield Rd”

  1. That looks like another very relaxing spot with a lot of things to paint. I saw the paintings on your other site, and they all look great.

    1. Camilla it so good to see you around, what a great surprise.. I often check to see where are you. Hope all is well. Thank you so much for visiting my dear friend.. there was plenty for us all x

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