Working along with Stephen Rose, painting Trevor

Life and Portraits

Painting life in recent year always inspired me to paint a portrait and often I play with water colours. I just had the opportunity to work with a great artist which I enjoy his great work Stephen Rose. We had a small group painting 3 x 3 hours in oil… the nice person sitting was Trevor. I always enjoy painting with oils and often used it in my outdoors although during life session I never thought there was enough time to paint a good painting, hope you like ‘Trevor’ as I enjoyed it very much and there might be more to come..

Trevor 1 tn

Trevor tn

I feel somehow the picture don’t do the painting justice… so pop over and see Trevor in real light..

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14 Replies to “Trevor”

    1. I was impressed. Some time I feel I can paint… in this one it worked.. So maybe one day I’ll be able to call myself an artist.. I think I found that with time and more doing it start come much easier. It is the first time that I was in a serious environment so I had to produce something better and less loose.. I think the tablets start working so I am flying to bed… Have a good Sunday Peter, hope you are good.

      1. You are most certainly an artist. The more you paint, the more comfortable you become painting, and the better you get. This one does have the feel of a more serious or formal work.

        1. Thank you my friend… yes I understand what you mean formal work here… It is a special step in my paintings I think and it is a painting that simbolise something. I have much great confidence painting now a day but this painting have some carachter which I did not feel I had before. well I’ll have to paint the next one to spoil it all. But maybe that is the route an artist do and like many there are ups and downs… Have a great weekend my friend.

          1. We all have ups and downs in everything we do. Hopefully we do make some progress overall, though.

  1. Oh. I like this a lot! The nose. The chin. There are so many things I like about how you paint, Doron. The droopy eyelid. I see what you see when I view your work. Good job!

    1. Leslie Thank you very much, I enjoyed this one very much great learning curve. And anything new is special in the journey and developement. Have a good week.

    1. Thanks my kind lady… yes that is what I normally put in a face.. OK try. Trevor came very good and I am please. Thank you so much I’ll visiti you soon to check whats new 🙂 xx

    1. He came good… I often look and amazed at the work I feel this year I managed to go up one class. Thank you so much have a great weekend xx

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