Golding Hop Public House

Our weekly ritual En Plein Air with the MOPS


Scorching temperatures today, I knew there was only one place we could paint in… Yes, you guessed it right. Outside the pub with a big umbrella overhead. Our outdoor painting took us to a nice public house, The Golding Hop. Trevor who set for us modeling last week said that it was the place to enjoy a good cider.. after painting of-course. Some of our members were away this week so we had to accept few new artists to replace them…

IMG_6726 tn

IMG_6725 tn

getting excited with the new members I nearly forgot to show you where we went to paint…

I think our new members felt the heat today… so are we!

IMG_6721 tn

But we all knew the quicker we get the job done the quicker we are in the pub…. so we grafted in the heat.

IMG_6730 tn

IMG_6729 tn

I did not mean to show ‘the supply’ we managed to sneak outdoor… And there is…

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8 Replies to “Golding Hop Public House”

  1. Your group always finds a very picturesque place to paint. And the paintings turned out very nice as well.

    I forgot what those round roofed buildings were, and had to look it up (hop kilns).

  2. It’s been quite a week hasn’t it Doron with these sky high Summer temperatures .. looks such a nice spot for painting with refreshments on tap too ! Love those Oast houses – so typical of Kent .

    1. Poppy Thank you, we are spoiled for choice here.. We have great country side, check next week as we are changing the scene… to be continue 🙂

    1. Thanks Elena, wish they could stand still those models… They constant on the move and when they lay down you hardly see them… They are OK if you keep a distance or you have something on the food side. But I have few photos to work from.

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