All Saints Church

Enjoy our special visit to All Saints Church in Tuedely today


Today we visited The All Saints Church in Tudeley which is well-known church for its special windows, which was made by the artist Marc Chagall  for a special reason which you can read in the church’s website linked here above.  After heavy down pour all night we had the temperatures reaching 27c and it got very warm to sit outdoor and paint in the naked sun.  As we don’t get plenty sun here, we forced ourselves to stay outside as long as we could and enjoy every second of it.

Often when I say to the group we are going to paint next week a church, you should see the faces and comments I get. This week I let them read about this special church before we met and I actually received good comments for a change, so hopefully next time when I say ‘church’ they will say great…

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8 Replies to “All Saints Church”

  1. Another rich site for painting. An old church with relatively modern stained-glass windows, that’s certainly pretty unique. And you paintings on the Sevenoaks site were very nice, Doron.

    1. To be honest I get to conclusion that if you want to paint you don’t need to go far and there is so much.. But sometime you need a change of scenery to see you are alive.. Thank you my friend.

  2. A poignant story behind the stunning stained glass work by Chagall in this little Church . It really shouldn’t be missed if visiting the area … what a lovely venue for painting Doron !

    1. Interesting story and there are few more places this family got involved with. I am sure to get Marc himself to do the windows was something else. The windows are amazing, I enjoyed it very much. Was not sure if you allowed to paint in the church… Hope no one will get upset.. Thanks Poppy xx

  3. Lovely location for a little painting, Doron. We visited Tudeley a while ago and thought it absolutely beautiful. How lovely to have these little gems virtually on our doorstep!

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