Bidborough Ridge

Another great spot for Tuesday painting, read all about it.


If you want to have a good view, Bidborough Ridge is one spot you should visit. We have many spots like that in Kent but remember, if you ever around at sunset time in the summer make sure to visit this little spot. We painted here yesterday in the day and trust me the beauty and views which are clear for miles, the beautiful sky, is just amazing. I’ll let you be the judge;

Every time after the morning gracious… everybody disappear! Just that here in Bidborough the slope is very deep and busy so after a short while you can not find anyone… It gets very quiet and you are left alone with your views, ideas what to paint so you go about the business.. the more you do it the easier it get and by now you have your routines! Luckily I found two of the masters in…

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17 Replies to “Bidborough Ridge”

  1. Another nice spot, and some fine paintings as well. I don’t know how high your ridge is, but we have a 300 ft escarpment here which has views similar to that in places.

    1. Lauren thank you very much… the beautiful in my visits here is that it always another weekend.. have a great one yourself 🙂 x

          1. We were on the coast, but a long way to the north. It wasn’t to strong where we were. Mary felt it during the night, but I slept through it.

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