24 Replies to “Rain in Paradise”

  1. What a lovely delicate painting,Doron. You talk about paradise, last night I came home from Edinburgh to Coldstream on the bus and was looking out at a great moon shining over the cornfields, another view through a window that needs painting. If you are on holiday, hope the rain clears soon. x

    1. Cara thanks I was just around the corner from you visiting a friend place in Cumbria, although it was rainning everyday it was stunning. I could not paint outdoors but once but manage to add some 700 photos.. The trip was little too much for me and now I try to recover. Hope you are all well and I just returned from a short visit to your world with amazing photos as always. Take care my friend and ha ve a great weekend x

    1. Marina, Nothing wrong with little but give me little sun instead.. and less big rain.. Anyway, I take it as it comes sun rain or shine as long as we are here to watch it. Happy Sunday xx

  2. Hmmm – window view makes me think of autumnal season. Cos if it were warm and sunny you’d be outside. Being on the inside gives it a more cosy feel.

    1. Denise had no choice none of my cloths got dry…. It was amazingly wet but we vantured out again and again.. It was fun! Happy Sunday xx

  3. Well it’s good you painted that scene before everything gets washed away. Well I hope you didn’t get that much rain, otherwise I’ll have to send Fraz over there again with his rescue Kayak.

    1. Not much rain… just call me rain man everywhere i go here there is rain.. Glade everything his mountain there.. they call it fells! So we did not need to swim alot… who could when it is cold and raining non stop… Managed to survive..

        1. No first send me one for summer… It will need to be very special for the winter… most probably some sort of scuba diving suit with plenty weights

    1. Carl thank you so much my friend it make my day… It rained everyday but did not stopped us enjoying what we saw each day in such a beautiful place. Take care my friend πŸ™‚

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