Hever Castle

Our last outdoors session at Hever Castle


Every year Sevenoaks Art Club members looking forward to their exhibition in the stunning beautiful Hever Castle. The event take place in September each year and called  ‘Country Life at the Castle’ . You can read more about it by clicking the link above.

MOPS visited Hever Castle on Tuesday. The place is very well looked after by dedicated staff and no doubt it gave us a great inspiration for our painting. In my view you could paint in Hever Castle forever! It is very enjoyable to visit and spend a good day there as the facilities are very modern and the gardens around the castle are very inviting. It is always maintained to the very best standards.

We had a quick coffee to warm up in the chilled morning,

IMG_7611 (640x480)

IMG_7610 (640x480)

Shortly after the sun also came out and we all found positions to paint,

IMG_7617 (640x480)

IMG_7614 (640x480)

Great paintings start emerging from all…

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16 Replies to “Hever Castle”

  1. Your group always seems to find great locations to paint. I think you probably could paint there forever and never be bored. And you and your group made some very nice paintings as well.

    1. Thanks binky as you know I am trying to find you a new property here in the raining country for your local production of chocolate.

      1. I am not too choosy, but a nice medieval castle overlooking a river that is close to an airport would be idea for our chocolate factory.

    1. Lauren my friend try it you would be able also. Thanks for your time and your comments. I also enjoy reading your great writing have a good week x

  2. A Castle in front of you and Coffee to bump start the day what could be better Doron. Lovely summery painting days to remember in the chill of Winter 🙂
    I recall a great day out with friends family and a huge picnic here years ago …

    1. Super place and glade it bring memories it is getting better every year and the gardens are well established. have a good week my friend Thank you xx

    1. Jenny it is all to share… knowing your artistic ability surly you can build one in no times. Beside no castles is signs of young and new… Ok sort off… It remind me I buid a castle with my grand daughter for school two years ago… must find what happened to it and send it over to you so you can have your own… 🙂 xx

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