24 Replies to “Karen’s friend”

    1. Thanks Debbie, not really sorry no improvement here at the moment still looking for the magic button. hope you are doing well yourself and enjoying the coast with the extended family đŸ™‚ xx

  1. Two sheep in a sea of green! Well I hope it’s not really a sea or those poor sheep might drown. Kidding aside, it’s a very nice painting, Doron.

    1. It is a sea of green and they never drown … they keep eating it… wave by wave… Thanks my friend. I feel lousy I wish I was a sheep…

    1. yes just came from the hairdresser… I think no one touch them but let them eat and relax, not sound bad at all.. Have a good weekend my friend xzxzxzxzX

  2. Is this on paper, Doron? I see a ripple or three and I quite like the effect they have on the painting. It creates vertical marks to the horizontal blues and greens surrounding the sheep. I like that.

    1. Leslie you have good eyesight… no need to visit Spacsaver at least not yet… It is on light sketching paper as I try to let the wetness squash it while i paint to get some effect like tissue paper but better controled. Have a good weekend x

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