Our trip to Rye


That is the story about the MOPS last trip to Rye. I am sure you will check the place before you continue reading our post today… we had a great day out painting and enjoyed every minute. The story comes in few parts and reading you will understand why, mind you good stories do comes in parts. Rye is on the coast and like most of our long trips in the past, we normally meet early on route and drive together sharing couple of cars. I am not sure why but always there is must be one person that come late and keep us all waiting… OK he had a good excuse this time… he forgot his picnic lunch made by his wife.. I thought we said that on the coast we are going to get tucked to ‘Fish and Chips’… Never mind we finally made it and it…

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4 Replies to “Rye”

    1. Linda thank you spot this one on the lost and found list.. I love the outdoor painting it give me strength to deal with the pains and enjoy the country side with friends. I wish i could do it everyday…. hope you are smiling and feeling good, have a great weekend xXxzXo

  1. That was a really funny post, Doron! It’s too bad you didn’t post it all here. I hope everyone takes the tie to read the whole thing on your Sevenoaks website! And I really liked the paintings at the end, too.

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