27 Replies to “Dunorlan Park”

    1. Thank you so much it is near digital I can do with my water colours.. I just found your comment and I return from visiting you which made me so sad big hug my friend xxX

    1. Don’t you believe it…. try it yourself I am sure you are going to be impressed.. looking forward to see the first landscape soon. I am still practicing and only today I have tried two different other style while painting out with the MOPS will post it by the end of the week hopefully. I lke so many varsion that I am confused.. specially when I work with water colours. I find it easier with acrylics or oils.. which are much easy to work with. Enjoy.

        1. Hollis you are very kind, I enjoy it very much but often I know that I have plenty to learn and understand. I find when I do it simple and loose it works for me other times I feel I need to practice more. It is just a learning curve and the more we do it the easier it gets ior is it? I wonder at times what is a good job? But one thing I learn is if I enjoy it it is even better for me, Thank you 🙂

          1. You are welcome! It will always be hard work. People don’t think so, but it is always hard to paint. And as we get better and better (through practice), it still is hard. And we are never satisfied. But then we look back at our work and go “I did that!” 🙂

          2. I am sure they do but I always find the little thing in life to give better plesure trying and enjoying what ever you do is also stasified and should make you smile 🙂

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