Cherries anyone

Now the sun is out I am sure all the exotic fruits going to be around.. We soon going to have giant Still Life so I thought I’ll prepare my example so people understand what I mean saying GIANTS…



33 thoughts on “Cherries anyone

  1. Love your cherries Doron. My summers as a teenager were spent picking cherries (sweet and sour) for the local farmers – your beautiful painting brought back many wonderful memories.

    • I love it one something I paint bring a nice memory it make me happy and teach me something new on someone past also. It must have been a beautiful place to be in with such strong great colours and superb sweet fruit. Thanks Mary for always be here and inspire. I had a visit to your holly Blog and as always enjoy every word and every mark you make. xx

      • You are such a dear blogging friend Doron – growing up we were surrounded with cherry and apple trees. Fruit was plentiful, sweet and delicious – I was very lucky to be able to work the orchards, but also had access to fresh fruit all the time. I learned a lot working the orchards, was good experience as a child. I love seeing your paintings, fresh and full of life – your group travels to some beautiful spots.

        • Thanks Mary we enjoy ourselves and slowly learn to find some beautiful places on our door step. I often say that I don’t need to go far to paint which is true as everything I see is a painting to me, but it is great to go around and enjoy the country side and nature which I love very much πŸ™‚ x

    • Jane thank you very much you always say something special that make me smile, I always feel how lucky we are and it does not matter what is happening as we are still here to share it. Look after yourself my friend xx

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