33 Replies to “Cherries anyone”

    1. Thank you Hollis I have painted larger fruit on several occasions now and it is fun. OK not as your complet pies… but almost πŸ™‚

          1. His pie observations are usually accurate. But I guess you could do that with anything people like. He just chose pies. At the age of 14!!! It was so much fun to write about it! I think people liked it too.

    1. Thanks again well you can’t reach the cherries if you don’t wear your shoes… wonder what would they look painted in cherries… I’ll add it to my long list to do. Thanks for your support and visiting. Just return from enjoyable trip to your blog… great reading πŸ™‚ thanks.

      1. You are welcome.! About the painted cherries on shoes….I was in the shoe store yesterday and saw a pair of Doctor Martins (boots) with fruit on them. At least I think it was fruit. Might have been flowers! Nice!

        1. There is always someone ahead of us… or are we going back to the 70s.. hopefully it will make someone happy… I must have a look… You don’t win a pair of ticket to a modern Woodstock festival when you buy them… πŸ™‚

  1. Love your cherries Doron. My summers as a teenager were spent picking cherries (sweet and sour) for the local farmers – your beautiful painting brought back many wonderful memories.

    1. I love it one something I paint bring a nice memory it make me happy and teach me something new on someone past also. It must have been a beautiful place to be in with such strong great colours and superb sweet fruit. Thanks Mary for always be here and inspire. I had a visit to your holly Blog and as always enjoy every word and every mark you make. xx

      1. You are such a dear blogging friend Doron – growing up we were surrounded with cherry and apple trees. Fruit was plentiful, sweet and delicious – I was very lucky to be able to work the orchards, but also had access to fresh fruit all the time. I learned a lot working the orchards, was good experience as a child. I love seeing your paintings, fresh and full of life – your group travels to some beautiful spots.

        1. Thanks Mary we enjoy ourselves and slowly learn to find some beautiful places on our door step. I often say that I don’t need to go far to paint which is true as everything I see is a painting to me, but it is great to go around and enjoy the country side and nature which I love very much πŸ™‚ x

    1. Jane thank you very much you always say something special that make me smile, I always feel how lucky we are and it does not matter what is happening as we are still here to share it. Look after yourself my friend xx

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