I’ll do anything to play golf again, would not you when you see such a great scenery? this hole is somewhere on the great golf course ‘The Oxfordshire’ run by the Leaderboard Group… It looks so beautiful I could not care less for those clouds would you?

the oxfordshire

29 Replies to “Golf”

  1. I’ve never played golf, but it does look like a very serene scene and a nice place to relax. Maybe I could have a chocolate picnic by the ninth hole.

    1. Binky love your idea of picnic on the 9s… Some clubs have a hut near the 9s for a quick sanny…. those was the days… but picnic on the 9th…. that is dicing with golf balls… coming to get you! You will be able to sell plenty chocolate helmets…

    1. I used too and love everything about it but due to health I can’t play.. Miss it a lot but luckily I manage to paint some days. Thanks for your kind visits πŸ™‚

    1. Hollis thank you very much glade you like it, Golf used to be something I enjoyed very much, the sociel side people, sport and fresh air. Not being well made me feel more like the angry sky, but I discover painting and I learn to see the beautiful side of this angry sky. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts about my work which is well appreciated. πŸ™‚ x

      1. You are welcome. I am sorry about your illness. But painting has a healing potential and obviously, you have discovered it! It seems to make all the pain and bad stuff go away for a while. True, it isn’t easy and it creates its own problems, but in the end, I think it is better to channel the angry sky and make it blue as it was intended to be.

        1. Fair comment blue is my favourite but with out angry sky there was no drama. I could not find better pain killers then my painting. It is not always work but more often it is the only one that does instead of all those chemicals that take you one step nearer being a zombie. Well recommended, anytime πŸ™‚ x

  2. Beautiful Doron, the wonderful wide-open spaces of a golf course. Quiet surroundings that nature kisses – the clouds is the topping it all off.

    1. Thanks my friend, that is a beautiful place even if you can’t play but to walk and soak it in. The view and the fresh air. Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  3. I don’t like golf courses very much because they are a contrived landscape, but you have made this one very exciting – especially with the wild clouds!

    1. I can understand your comment Jane very much but I always feel we have some great space around us and it can fit many ideas. Provided we make sure we take care of the local habitat and nature. Some courses just do that and amazingly protect our neighbours friends. Often they can be fields of glory but I saw some many sad stories also but that is actually what people make of it. Normally it is only comes from the way people approach it, After all it is only a game in nature. I always loved the fresh air the scenery and more then all the social activity sharing it with other fellow friends. Thanks for stopping by and making your comment that I always appreciate.xx

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