27 Replies to “Jaffa Harbour”

  1. Again i love your colors! This is so much fun to look at. It must have been fun to paint too. Hoping you are well… well, well ‘enough’. xoxox

    1. Sorry Linda not doing so good so ups and down. Hope you are well. Thank you for your nice comment I also like painting like that as it loose and free. Hopefully one day I will manage to do it more often xxx ❤

    1. Thank you so much I leave you for few minutes and you leave me few books to read.. you are always in the fast lane and always in control super! 🙂 xX

    1. Thank you very much it is a beautiful place and thanks for stopping by to comment. Just visited you and enjoy your art work keep it on 🙂

      1. Thanks, Doron, for the encouraging words. I am so happy when I am with my brush, palette, and watercolor paper. I sketched my way through Israel last spring. I wish you a good New Year!

    1. Thank you Elena I enjoyed this one. Ok I enjoyed them all but sometime I feel something of me working good out there with fresh colours. Well I always say I have to learn to do it more often. If only I remembered what I did right… 🙂 X

    1. Here we meet again, thanks for your kind words, I normally use lots of imagination but true many of my abstract base on some landscape. I recently start in some of my abstract to use still life and there is more ideas to come. It is enjoyable journey and I try it all going round and hope one day to fall in love with something… Thank you for your comments which are well appreciated and make me see more points in my paintings x

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