Bough Beech

Another great day with the MOPS, enjoy


Some time I feel we are very fortunate to be able to paint and enjoy while we visit some superb countryside places around us. I also feel we are very privileged to have you the reader, follower or the occasion visitor supporting us and being our friend on such enjoyable journey, so thank you. This week we enjoyed a visit to Bough Beech.

Once we finish our morning coffee and the location is fully inspected, each one find their best scene for painting. Some time when the weather is kind to us, we might sneak another one. If someone just sketching it might even be few more.

Some take it seriously and paint while others practice their rugby kicks…

IMG_7881 (480x640)

There is time in the day when paintings to stop and everything go to stand still, yes,  when the clock ticking the picnic tack sound…

IMG_7902 (640x480)

Even our usual tree surgeon……

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8 Replies to “Bough Beech”

  1. How fortunate you are to have this companionship in which to make your lovely art. Your happiness shows in your work. You make me want to go out there and find a group to paint with and that’s really saying something. I tend to be a solitary wanderer and cannot quite see myself being so sociable until i read these posts of yours. xox

    1. Linda there is nothing better then sharing time with people who love the same. Beside you have the real world in true colours and fresh air to deal with. I love people and the country side, it always give me couple of hours near enough pain free and i wish i could do little more everyday. I pay a price after each trip but it give me life. It also gave me confidence to paint even I had to do it in the centre of the town in mid rush hour.. You are a great warm heart woman go for it and I am here to support you all the way. Have fun as you are great with your paints and brushes, just take your smile with you. You are always welcome here painting x X x 🙂

    1. I knew it can bring some memories to someone… wow that must have been very interesting. it is such a beautiful place and amazing wild life 🙂 x

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