What do you do with spare paints and little spare time in abstract session? I normally try to use the paint up, I hardly take it away with me… unless I paint indoors the next day. What do you do with yours and how you keep it fresh? Today I have decided to paint some flowers… So have a great day and hope they are going to cheer you up.. I did not have enough paint left as you can see from the light colours. Somehow looking at the painting, I managed to put quite a few.. anyway… Enjoy it, it is for you.

Flowers tn

23 Replies to “Flowers”

    1. Nothing get waisted here.. There is tight rules of engagement as you see I produced a flower shop from drips and drabs… eficiency we call it.. I had time to spare.

    1. No doubt it is, I also had time to spare, thank you for your time I’ll have to try and paint those fresh hebs you grow… magic 🙂

    1. Thanks Jess, I knew I was in the wrong trade that way I could sell more meters of it.. great idea and amazing what you can do with left over paint… a garden full of flowers. 🙂 x

  1. I once took a “mentorship” with a famous artist, Doran. I just called him up and we painted together. It was in California. For three days. He told me never to waste paint. He got mad when I was finished with a certain color, and I swished the brush in the water. He told me to “paint his truck with the extra paint!” So, after I had finished with the purple (acrylic and we were working outside), I “dried” the brush off, by scraping the remaining paint on the truck. Now that is extreme, huh?

    1. Amazing you have some stories… but great ideas! I wish I use to go to your school… To be honest I often see people throw so much paint and i think wow..that could do great abstract for me… OK not cars yet but another begining of a new painting at least. It is hard to save it some time and I don’t like to save it unless I paint the next day. I probably now start painting cars… or the town in… might get into trouble. The problem I can paint oil for a while then I go to water colours or Acrylics… Why do they manufacture so many mediums now a day.. every too minutes there is a new product and they are all tempting.. You should see the sink in our evening class.. if Jackson Pollock… could see it.. anyway you don’t paint my car drying your brushes that is for sure! 🙂 x

    1. I am doing my best and thank you too as I appreciate your return visit and comments too. I watch your grapes pictures earlier they are amazing even though your pictures always nice. Take care xzxzxzxzX

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