Himalayan gardens

We had a day out with the MOPS to the Himalayan gardens the other day on special invitation. I wrote about it on my sevenoaksmops blog just incase you missed it. We had a great day and the place is beautiful.. I’ll link it so you can see to yourself.

Himalayan Gardens tn

18 Replies to “Himalayan gardens”

    1. Thanks it is true it is a very special place and it is amazing to see the hard work they put on improving it in recent years but the views from the top are amazing. Thank you for your kind comments x

    1. Thanks Linda that make me happy I do often dance the Tango with it but I feel better when I get practice. The most important it subside the pains on days that I can and it worth a lot for me. I also enjoy it which give me great pleasure to share it with others. I always appreciate you stopping by and support me thank you ❤ xXx 🙂

    1. Violet thank you no doubt you will enjoy a good strole in this place with the views, forest and flowers. Mind you you will need a complete drawing book to take it all in. Hope one day to walk with you around this magic place <3xxx

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