Turner contemporary

On a stormy windy day we visited Turner Contemporary in Margate, for our yearly outing day with the SAC. What a super day it turned to be and as planed we painted later on the beach… luckily the early rain stopped and the sun pipped out… but no one could stop that howling wind.. I somehow managed to do my Turner with the strong blowing wind and the flying send in my eyes. I hardly managed to keep my palette next to me… if you check the painting close-up you will probably see that it have some sand and plenty sea salt.. and it was not on my fish and chips… What an experience!

Turner Harbour tn

24 Replies to “Turner contemporary”

  1. As long as you didn’t get blown out to sea! That could be a new idea: Paintings that you could taste so that you feel as if you’re really there.

    1. So is the place since my last visit some years ago.. everything seems to be moving forward.. luckily not towards the sea with the wind.

    1. Hollis, painting is one thing… holding the painting is another. New experience that is why i said it will be a journey.. everyday we learn something new. Thanks for stopping and you kind support 🙂

  2. Sounds a lovely day out Doron … a gallery visit and time for painting ! Breezy …salty… or no your scene here captures a seaside perfectly .

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