Summer with Carole

It is the second year I joined Carole Robson summer school as I love her art work very much but more then anything her meadows painting. I am sure that looking at the paintings below you will understand why, but mean time enjoy.

There will be few more so I’ll add them on as they come,

33 Replies to “Summer with Carole”

  1. I wasn’t sure if those two paintings were yours or hers, but I like them very much. I really like the depth in the first one.

    1. Hollis thanks often we get issues but eventually we resolve them thanks for searching as it always to know you are around thank you very much x

        1. Thanks Hollis, we all addicted for the great people around us and that what I miss most when I am not around. Sorry for late reply everytime πŸ™‚

    1. That was the colours of our summer, thanks. Now we concentrate on the beautiful colours of the autumn but often see them all mixed up in minutes or in few hours if we get lucky. I bet you enjoy a good warming sun x

    1. Carol thank you very much, thanks for making me laugh this afternoon, i think you should retire yesterday and write a culumn in the best magazines in the world.. I’ll read it xx

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