Human Landscape – Refugee Children

We living in a sad world and my great friend Jane illustrate, draw and write so nice to express it as she always do. I am sure we all care and feel for those unfortunate people, children, so maybe it is time for more of us to talk about it and express our views which might pave a better path for those unfortunate people and children for a better future with less suffering. We might together be able to eradicate those who try to take power to their hands and hijack the freedoms of others who are less fortunate to defend themselves. I have no doubt we can all live together in peace and harmony no matter where we come from and what we each believe in, on better human values and great respect to each other rights for well being on this planet. No one and specially no children should have to live with any fears in our life but security and future prospect to look forward as it is our duty and responsibility to help them to achieve, so together we can try to help them get what they deserve.


What can a war artist do?

Yazidi 1

A photo is quickly taken, sold to a news agency, reacted to in passing by millions, and passed over.  A drawing takes far longer in time and space, to contemplate the condition. I did this one and two others, yesterday.  Some more were done last week, and the rest are from a few years ago. .

Our children are the same for us the world over.  This woman works hard on the land and in her household.  She holds it all together, and carries the weight of water from the well.  She gave birth to her babies in pain and crying out and relief; they are her life, each one.  Her husband may or may not be a strong, caring father. .

Now their homestead and village is shattered:  they wait homeless on the waterless mountain.  She is vulnerable.  In a war zone, you do not know who…

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2 Replies to “Human Landscape – Refugee Children”

  1. It is sad indeed what we do to each other, often because of leaders who are driven by a desire to have power over us all.

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