Wellington Rocks

Sorry as I am not very well sometime the posts sitting waiting to be published….. but it is here, enjoy


Right in the middle of town we have this beautiful park that is a Dog walkers, joggers, walkers and now painters paradise. It is near Linden Cricket Club that during the week used as a nursery, what a great place to grow up.

IMG_7971 tn

The highlight at the park beyond doubt are those majestic Rocks; The Wellington Rocks.

So no doubt I do not have to tell you what is the subject we were all painting today.. And trust me there were plenty other subjects to paint. I am sure they will draw our attention next time when we will visit this beautiful place again.

IMG_8018 tn

IMG_7972 tn

IMG_7975 tn

IMG_7977 tn

IMG_7985 tn

IMG_7996 tn

IMG_8004 tn

After a short walk and following a good inspection, we made sure we surrounded the rocks and painted it from all angles.

Gesina’s friend Jennie, joined us painting this week, she is a visitor from the USA. I thought I should mention, just in-case you see…

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10 Replies to “Wellington Rocks”

  1. Nice park, and interesting outcropping of rocks. I guess they have been climbed on and played on fro centuries. Those were some very nice paintings of the rocks your group produced.

  2. What a beautiful place Doron, I’ve always found something mysterious about large groups of rocks. I think it comes from having read “Picnic at Hanging Rock”, an Australian mystery story.

  3. What a nice subject to paint and photograph! I believe your project came out nice!

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