Sun-bedding in Knole Park…

Sun-bedding in Knole Park… You could not do it today as it is pouring with rain..


Who said it is wrong to relax while everybody else are busy painting ‘En Plein Air’? After all everyone have a different agenda when they turn up to paint. Is it look, someone just turned up to top up their tan in our beautiful British sun. OK maybe it is not the best place and it is not that easy to do it in England at the end of September as temperatures rapidly going down…. but someone managed..

No this blog is not dealing with suntan lotion.. It is our outdoor’s Blog!


Mind you we had a good day and the scenery as always was stunning, except when it was blocked…. And the one above was not that bad at all also (I bet I am in trouble now)…  There is not much that can be done when you have a rough night before…  We are serious artists and painting…

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