Football Madness

Dear friends, you might think I abandoned you all as I kept away from my Blog and didn’t reply to your comments. I do apologise for it, as you all know I would never desert you, as I love your friendship and company. I normally can’t sit long on the computer so at times the Blog get less priority on the to do daily list. I do paint when I feel better and as you will see I have many posts here sitting for sometime which screaming for me to air them to you. Please bear with me when I am away and be assured I’ll visit you all every time I can. You will see from the subject here below that the post had to be published much, much earlier so thank you for your patience and support.

It was the world cup in Brazil and everybody was going mad… that is if you love football other wise you go mad as you get too much of it and it does not matter where you go. last year I painted my son playing football on the beach… I had an idea to do it again in acrylics as an abstract project.. Enjoy

Football on the beach tn

37 Replies to “Football Madness”

  1. Love this painting dear Doron ! Love all blue colors here !
    You don’t need to apologize dear friend ❀️friends understand friends ❀️
    Hope you feel better and do your paintings as before❀️
    Also looking forward to see your old paintings tooπŸ˜ƒ
    Take care

  2. You have been missed, Doron, and your painting is wonderful. Not only the idea of playing football on the beach, but the different shades of blue are lovely..take care, my friend..xx

  3. Wonderful subject. Even I can get excited about a game of football on the beach even though I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for the professional variety.

      1. Thanks, Doran. I hope I will be able to jump into it quickly. As you know, sometimes it takes a while to “warm up.” I love that you have a group you do the outdoor work with. Maybe I can get started with something like that. (A group) Thanks too for all your heartfelt wishes for me. You seem to have a true understanding of hat lies ahead for me. Means a lot!

        1. It is the smallest I can do for a nice person I never met before but slowly learn to know, you will do it and we all will be around to enjoy. Once you jump in you will swim, good luck xxx

  4. I love this one – the waves, the footballers and the amazing indigo colour of the deep sea, the swift fresh way it is all realised. Was just about to email you, and will tomorrow.

    1. Thank you Jane, sorry was away from the desk for some time, travelling the waves of pains, never get easy for old sailors like me but when I can get ashore and meet people like yourself it make it worthy. Hope you are doing good I’ll email back soon xxx

    1. Thank you Susan it great to follow you on FB and don’t worry I don’t miss my medicine ever specially when it is givien in full colours you keep it also xx

    1. Hi Elena, thanks sorry not doing any better at all, but I manage to snick and paint here and there. And who care about the price I have to pay after… It just make me happy and big smile. Love your latest experiment, I think that if the give you mud you will manage to create a beautiful work and visiting you always make me smile πŸ™‚ x

  5. Our worlds are busy Doron, many times the blog has to take a second seat to our other priorities. This is scene is awesome, full of life and good times. Beautiful rich themes throughout – all my best and have a wonderful week.

    1. Thank you so much, I am always around and thank you so much for your kind words. Your great vegan and animal protection work is always amazing and admirable and give me great joy to follow πŸ™‚

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