First Exhibition ‘Kent in Colour’

The Mops first exhibition


The ‘MOPS’ first exhibition is on the road, at the Stag Theatre in Sevenoaks. If you happened to live around this area, please make sure to come and enjoy our work. Hopefully you can buy yourself a pieace of Kent outdoor and bring it indoor to enjoy forever.

MOPS @ Stag invitation


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12 Replies to “First Exhibition ‘Kent in Colour’”

  1. That’s just excellent! Such exhibition takes a lot of work not only to hang, but also to frame, etc. Great looking works, I hope you’ll have good number of sales because these dates are just right.

    1. Inese thank you very much, just finished a lesson with your class and what amazing results they get, no doubt it tells alot about the teacher and well done to you! 🙂

  2. Doran, I am behind on all my blogging. I just got this. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It looks like a nice show. I wish I lived across the water and could see it! You are the best outdoor or “plein air” painter I know. Whoever buys your piece is lucky! Hollis x

    PS: Thanks, too, for all your wonderful “spot on” comments to me!!!!!!

    1. You never too late with me.. I come and go and always enjoy your comments. I am far from being the best as there are so many great out there, but I enjoy every minute of it in the fresh air and every time I manage to go out and feel that beauty around us with great friends it make it special, I feel great privilege able to do it. It helps me to deal with my pains and so far no other medicine made it even slightly better. I hope that one day you will join me and we can all paint together, wow that will be great! Thank you for being around and you don’t have to thank me, I only write what I feel about people… I wish I could always see everybody only smiles 🙂

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