The School

I received a commission to paint a school for a great teacher that retired after many years working in this school. It is a very special building and as I had only short time I painted a sketch in water colours and did the main painting in Acrylics. There were so many details and windows that for the first time I used the squares to divide my page and get the building right in perspective. I have tried to paint it more freely as I thought it will give the building a better feeling and interesting character as I saw it, instead of doing it with very straight square lines. To me it was a very special building as I saw it from the outside with great history and I wanted to give it more life while painting it. After all the idea was to paint it and not to photograph it. I hope the teacher enjoyed their present as much as I enjoyed painting this amazing building.

Water colour pre sketch


Valence School 1 tn

The final painting in Acrylics

Valence 12 tn

61 Replies to “The School”

  1. That turned out very nicely, Doron. I like your watercolour of it as well. It’s certainly an interesting building. It reminds me of a school near here built in the late 1800’s (yours is undoubtedly much older) that was recently turned into condominiums.

  2. Do you know, I actually prefer your pre sketch as a picture.. I appreciate the skill you have used in the final painting, and I’m sure the teacher will be thrilled with it, but I just love the quality of the sketch, the slight wonkiness of the building gives it so much character 😊

    1. Jenny you are the first to notice I did not pass my architect exam, but don’t tell anyone here…. Must be thanks to those skills you aquired from Phyllis and Felicity. Hope you are OK and going to take Christmas shopping much more in relax mode. Thank you πŸ™‚ xx

      1. Am feeling very laid back about the shopping this year, Doron. If I forget something or someone then too bad – the shops are open on Boxing Day!

        1. I like your sensible approach after all those years… yes it is nearly a normal day out there, the human greed won! Have a good one doubt you will forget anyone x

    1. Doubt I could build it the right way up with the real stuff.. much easy on paper. Thank you Denise, listened to Christmas songs on your Blog x

  3. I really like this, Doran. I like the way the school almost looks squishy or organic. Maybe like it has feelings. I am sure it does to the woman who is retiring. What an honor to be chosen. And what a successful piece your commission turned out to be! She is lucky to have it!

    1. Cara thank you very much. Had a great walk along your routes a short while ago it was nice to see your great photos, love the way you manage to catch each subject with beautiful story and details xx

  4. That is beautiful doron. What character that building has – it is so full of itself inside. It has a wonderful bulk and life of its own – and it loves itself for having no straight lines! I bet your friend was pleased.

  5. I like your watercolour pre sketch Doron a lot …I’d be VERY happy if that was that my finished painting !
    The way you’ve painted it more loosely .. the building walls almost expanding with all the people and goings on inside πŸ™‚ yes … makes it come alive ..

    1. Poppy I like loose but could not do it as commission unless asked. But if it was for me today it will be very abstarcty too…. you never know it might turn up too. Thank you very much for your kind support I loved very much St. Paul you painted the other day. Thank you xxx

  6. Truly beautiful painting of art Doron – congratulations on your commission, I know they had to be very pleased with the painting. Beautiful detail work on the finished piece – nice underpainting too.

  7. So well done! Very good painting! I believe the recipient will be very happy with this!

    1. Thank you very much it is very kind to say, I know I have a long way to go and plenty to learn. Something I learnt about it, it is get better the more we do it indicating it is something we all can learn. I feel slightly more comfortable now then before, but that is not to say that often it hit you in the face, but you can always try it again, thank you πŸ™‚

  8. I am sooo impressed! Not only is this a wonderful painting of this building, it’s also an expressive painting. The sketch is delightful, but the acrylic is really excellent!

    1. Elena that is very kind words and I am blushing, initially it looks far too big building… once I started painting it was more manageble size, although I never did such building before. I think I get more comfortable with any painting, thanks xx

    1. Thank you very much. Enjoyed your advanture very much you are constantly make people feel good and you always care my friend. Not sure you celebrate but still have a great Christmas and Happy New Year:-) x

        1. Not surprise at all, as you are a people, person like me and well done for your good heart, caring for people it makes a better world πŸ™‚

          1. You are one kind special warm lady and you always make me smile glade we met. You look after yourself and Happy New Year {} ❀

  9. Both are amazing examples of your work, I like the first one because you are giving novice painters a chance to see how your work is mapped out on the canvas, and of course your Acrylic version that stands out so magnificently πŸ™‚ An excellent piece of artwork my fine friend and definitely something to be proud of. Have a wonderful Friday and weekend Doron πŸ™‚


    1. I am blushing my friend melting to your kind selection of chocolate words best… Thank you very much and have a super holiday season my friend πŸ™‚

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