Anyone for Golf

No doubt it is a great place to play golf… I hope I would be able to go back to play again, hopefully one day… in the new year. Hope all your wishes my friends would also fulfill and come true…. mean time we can share this beautiful peaceful place….

Golf on the beach tn

22 Replies to “Anyone for Golf”

    1. I wish I knew as more imagination gone to this one… lets say it is along the west coast of America… I wish to find it one day… Love the strong vivid colours you use on your welcome page to your site, Happy New Year 🙂

    1. Carl if your Tarzan lioncloth was not in the washing you would love the game also…. try again and don’t pass go and collect $200. Happy New year my friend 🙂

  1. It is definitely a beautiful place for golf or just “to be” Doron! Beautiful art and my husband and I played a putting course in Oregon this past summer that was beautiful as this is…wishing you a wonderful New Year! xx

  2. You have captured a welcomed scene
    with this great painting Doron, and hey
    if we are on the eighteenth hole maybe
    we could have a drink in the clubhouse 🙂

    Have fun painting Doron
    you are a star on WordPress 🙂


    1. Andro, we don’t need an eighteenth hole to start celebrate.. we will do it before the first 🙂
      Thanks for your support I could not win out there being a star with out you being great caddy helping me my friend. Have fun and enjoy your weekend 🙂

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