28 Replies to “Dry Flowers”

    1. Jenny Thank you very much, I do the same as the rest do, sitting under a tree for few days and dancing silly the rest of the time when food permitt it. hope you managed to recover yourself Happy 2015 x

  1. I like this one a lot, Doron. Very nicely done.

    Maybe winter is over early and you’ll have an early spring. That’s my New Year’s wish for you anyway.

  2. this is lovely…wishes and blessings for a peaceful, happy and healthy new year, sweet doron… your art gets better and better. apologies you haven’t seen me…. my reader stopped working and now i’m trying to put everyone back on it… sometimes WP really goes crazy loopy. xoxoxox

    1. Linda you don’t have to apologise to me, I know you are always present around. Thank you for taking time to visit me and comment it always appreciated and welcome. Hope your holiday was enjoyable and your fa,ily are all well. best wishes for a healthy great year ahead, and don’t worry about the others… xXxzizizizizxXx

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