Je Suis Humaine

Je Suis Humaine, I don’t kill people just because I disagree with them!

Today the world rally for unity in Paris, I am sure that we are all around the world, unite in heart with those who march and support the message they represent. It does not matter who we are and where we come from or what we believe in! We should always respect each other on this planet no matter who we are!

The world is facing yet again a major event today that we are all benefit and live for, The Freedom of Speech. We are all in WP enjoy such great tool to express our freedom, let us all support the rally. Our thoughts are with all the people who lost their life and their families that this event mark.

24 Replies to “Je Suis Humaine”

  1. The people behind this tragedy want to be able to control us all, in what we say and think and do. We cannot and will not let them do that.

    1. Well said Binky, this little small minded people will never win or change hisotry even when they managed to disrupt us for a while.

  2. A very important posting Doron
    and one that shows true respect
    and solidarity amongst the many
    who support our freedoms πŸ™‚

    Have an awesome Monday Doron πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks mate it is sad to see this little group subsidised by evil diturbing our life. Have a good week my friend… I keep loosing my key to your chateau… must find easier way to access… I bet I missed all the sweet parties πŸ™‚

      1. Don’t worry Doron, I have a team
        of skeleton helpers to let peeps in
        when they call, oh and if you see a
        ravenous zombie, run like hell, he
        likes eating brains all day, the little
        rascal, but I hope that he won’t be
        catching you when you return πŸ™‚

        Have fun Doron and I will see you soon πŸ™‚


        1. Worry you see me worry? I am not, I am a friend of the owner! I’ll wait until it goes a sleep… I’ll throw a stone at the window… you let me in. Good weekend my friend hope you are bahving good, what is it coming in the morning in 4×4 while it is snowing… be careful not wearing your high heels my friend… it can be slippery..:-)

  3. Je suis humaine. YES! Better than any name or label. I am human. Perhaps a bunch of quiet little stickers to paste around the underground and high streets … Thank you Doron for this profound message through the shattering event last week. XX

    1. Jane thank you, I thought it is not him, her, it or else but it is against us all and the message had to be stronger to make people to stop and think. Very sad event not just in a comic book but in our pages of history and humankind. Hope you are Ok and well stay warm XX

    1. Nous sommes tous humains! I some time wonder… specially when I open my little box and try to understand what is going around us!!!

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more, Doron. If only everyone could just accept each other for who they are and if they don’t agree, then walk the other way. It’s very scary to know that others don’t value life at all and are willing to kill simply because they don’t like the way someone else thinks. Anyway, cheers to unity for us all and I continue to hold the people of Paris in my prayers…Hugs and blessings to you…

    1. Lauren well said but you always saying great thing special woman, so it is not a surprise to read your beautiful words. I just read about Stephanie in your great post, while in your greatness you talking about giving donating for others although with the same cause, which make me very proud to know you. I am sure that your daughter will get better and we are all where ever we are and who ever we are standing by you strong mum and want to see Stephanie getting better soon. Big hugs from us all<3

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