14 Replies to “Little Rain”

    1. Marina thank you very much, I love splashing paint… not sure why as it can be messy specially in the front of the car, must be something from childhood… Have a great weekend ­čÖé x

    1. Linda thank you, it comes and go and I manage as there is no solution. I always appreciate your good words and regular visit take care yourself and feel better too ÔŁĄ X

    1. Hollis thank you very much, very glade to read your statement and look forward to see your brushes getting ready to move around the canvas. I take it you are in a warm place and not effected by the bad weather… as it is winter I guess the hibernation will be over soon for us all.. Good luck with the new work and no doubt you have plenty inspiration after your break. Have a great Week ahead :-)xx

        1. Hollis thank you, I normally drive around the small lanes to find one or visit the sea side on a nice weekend. I drove to london the other day for hospital appointment and the big city gave me great inspiration, I fall in love with the urban scenes, the building the people and the small lights penetrating among the dark clouds. I am sure you are going to be very busy now, have a great time x

    1. Yes, as I follow my doctor instructions and take my medicine every time I can… A painting a day can keep the doctor away… thanks mate ­čÖé

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