36 Replies to “Sun Flower”

    1. Thank you Tim, I was just about hire the steam donkey from you to streatch my paper this weekend, but realised I can’t afford it. Your work is amazing and pleasure to watch.

  1. Ah that’s really lovely Doron . Love the colours of the seed head . You must be looking forward to some sunshine and better health to go with it x

    1. Poppy thank you very much…no sun here at the moment as winter getting more serious about the tasks in hand. At least the log fire get full action keeping us warm. Take care Xx

    1. Susan thank you very much and great to see you driving over to my Blog with the bad conditions outside. I love your recent work very much and hope you keep warm and enjoy painting when you can. Drive safe xxX

    1. Jane hope the hot water bottle doing its magic and the sun flowers will take you to a nice warm place where back ache is not a problem.. feel better xxX

    1. Cara thank you very much, they clearly came out of season for you as you probably deep in snow. Stay warm and safe and good weekend to you all xx

  2. Great lines, and great work Doron,
    you certainly know your way around
    a brush, and the wonderful colours 🙂

    Have a fantastic Monday my fine friend…


    1. Andro my friend could not ask for better friends, thank you for your great comments. I just hope I would not need to start painting ears… 🙂

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