15 Replies to “Courgettes”

    1. Yes they are great and well gone… I am alive and take each day as it comes and make sure to smile 🙂 I saw you did not had the best time yourself but hope it all improved specially once the kids returned home. You look after yourself and thank you for taking time with all that is going in your own life to come and check I am allright, well appreciated xXxX

  1. I love your *roundy dumpy courgette* Doron … Loving those greens .. I’m taking notice … hoping to splash some paint around today myself …
    Now .. the question I have is … did you eat it all at one sitting 😀

    1. No no way it was very tasty but last few days and the supply continue for several weekends. There were beautiful to watch, paint and eat. At least I have a source for next year…. Hope you are enjoying a good break in your hide away and no doubt we shall see few maste pieces of photography very soon and few pouring water colours techniques. have a good break and see you soon XxX

    1. You are very kind Lauren, and you always welcome to change… after all we all do and it is free. I read few of your great words earlier and enjoyed it very much, thank you xx

  2. I had never heard of courgettes, so I looked it up. I know them by their other name, zucchini. I’ve only seen the long ones, too. The round one looks like a green pumpkin, and they are related as they’re both squashes, so maybe that’s why. That is my food lesson for today.

    1. If we managed to teach the Marinacci something today, it is a great celebration day here for us all, drinks are all on me… provided the dark chocolate continue to flow. I do apologise to distruct your daily busy routine searching for my ‘courgettes’, but knowing your wiz skills it is by the push of the button my friend. The lady who grew them told me they were big courgettes and I never saw such size before, I had to believe they are…. as she called them and let me tell you they perform and danced in the wok very well…. They gone down as courgettes as far as I knew. Have a good weekend and we speak soon 🙂

    1. It is amazing what one knows.. I am ready to transfer my courgettes knowledge any time my friend… you make me smile and it is pleasure to know you. I hope you did not get drunk on the dark chocolate and awards you recently received, well done for working extra hours at the very cold nights to meet Peter’s special eddition which have shown a great dedication to our magical friend at the Wombania palace 🙂

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